Chappyz Unveils Global Ambassador Program: Building a Borderless Digital Nation Together!

2 min readNov 16, 2023


Dear Chappyz Community,

Excitement is reaching new heights at Chappyz as we proudly unveil a groundbreaking initiative that transcends borders and fosters genuine community engagement. Introducing the Chappyz Global Ambassador Program — an endeavor that propels us into a future where Chapperz thrive in a borderless digital nation!

The impact of Chappyz on our community members’ lives has been nothing short of transformative. Beyond the allure of rewards, there’s a wealth of educational value that lies at the core of our mission — a mission close to our hearts.

Honouring the Vanguard: Very Important Chappyz Ambassadors (VICAs)

Already, some of our Very Important Chapperz (VICs) have emerged as natural candidates for leadership. To recognize their exceptional contributions, we’re bestowing upon them the title of ‘VICA’ — Very Important Chappyz Ambassador!

Key Program Details:

  • Regional Leadership: Each language will have its VICA, entrusted with the overarching responsibility of nurturing and expanding their respective regions.
  • Direct Liaison with Head of Community: VICAs will collaborate directly with Chappyz Head of Community — stay tuned for details on the generous package available for this position.
  • Organic Growth and Budget Allocation: VICAs will kickstart community growth organically and gain the ability to request budgets from Chappyz DAO for community initiatives and to onboard additional ambassadors.
  • AI Chat&Earn System Upgrade: Chappyz is actively developing a translate layer for the upcoming v3 of our AI Chat&Earn system. This enhancement will not only reward regional communities but also open doors to new markets for projects listed on our community marketplace.
  • Leadership Demonstrated in Chappyz Communities: Candidates are expected to showcase their leadership skills by being active in both the main Chappyz community and their respective language groups on Discord.
  • Community Vote in November: Chappyz will meticulously monitor candidates’ activities, and at the end of November, three candidates per region will be put forward for a community vote.

The launch of the Chappyz Global Ambassador Program marks a significant milestone in our journey. We invite each of you to be a part of this exciting venture, as together, we build a borderless digital nation fueled by genuine community engagement.


Warm regards,

Dan & John

Chappyz Founders




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